"Dead Bands Party: A Tribute To Oingo Boingo"
Release Date: May 24, 2005
Length: 55:20
Tracks: 14
Featuring: The Controller
Record Label: Indianola Records
Producer: Drew Hess

Aaron Barrett (on "We Close Our Eyes" and "On the Outside")

Track ListingEdit

  1. Clear Static - Dead Man's Party
  2. Let Go - Only a Lad" (Let Go)
  3. The Matches and Zebrahead - Violent Love
  4. The Rocky Raccoons - Little Girls
  5. Reel Big Fish - We Close Our Eyes
  6. RX Bandits - Grey Matter
  7. Hellogoodbye - Weird Science
  8. Plain White T's - Better Luck Next Time
  9. Stairwell - Just Another Day
  10. Suburban Legends - On the Outside
  11. Over It - Stay
  12. The Aquabats - The Controller
  13. Jessica Burgan - Not My Slave
  14. Finch - When the Lights Go Out

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