"Freedom Sounds: A Tribute To The Skatalites"
Release Date: 1997
Tracks: 17
Featuring: Ska Boss
Record Label: Shanachie
Producer: Charlie B. Dahan

Track ListingEdit

  1. The Skandalous All-Stars -Guns Of Navarone
  2. The Slackers - Calypso Jazz
  3. The Aquabats - Ska Boss
  4. Mephiskapheles - Lucky 666 (Lucky 7)
  5. Hurtin' Buckaroos - Skalloween
  6. Magadog - Man In The Street
  7. The Scofflaws - Dr. Ring-A-Ding
  8. Les Miserables Brass Band - Latin Go Ska
  9. Buford O'Sullivan - Confucius
  10. Otis Reem - Ball Of Fire
  11. Isaac Green & The Skalars - Ska In Donner Pass (Ska In Vienna Woods)
  12. Ruder Than You - El Pussycat
  13. Coyabalites - Eastern Standard Time
  14. Joe Ferry - Christine Keiler
  15. Monkey - Freedom Sounds
  16. Perfect Thyroid - Phoenix City
  17. The Klezmatics - Klezakalypso (Teach The Ska)

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