On February 2nd, 2008, The Aquabats and many others teamed up to put on a benefit show for thier friend Tony
Tony carbone benefit screaming tiki
Carbone. Tony had been battling cancer and needed help paying hospital bills. Aside from proceeds from tickets being donated, there were raffles for such prizes as a signed Chainsaw 7 inch record, and an auction for prizes like an original Powdered Milkman suit. Supernova and Fluf opened.


Demoliton Rickshaw
Stuck In a Movie
Pizza Day
Look at Me
Lovers Of Loving Love
Fashion Zombies
Super Show Song
High Five City
Pool Party
Awesome Forces
(Encore: Chainsaw and Prince Adam came on-stage to perform both encores in honor of their friend.)
CD Repo Man
Ska Robot Army
(Special Double Encore)
Super Rad

Tony CarboneEdit

Tony passed away on March 6th, 2008, but his memory lives on through the psychadelic pop band he fronted Bikeride , who Prince Adam played bass for.


Another special treat at this show was the fact that The Aquabats did not open with Fashion Zombies as they had done in nearly every show around this time. Instead, they opened with Demolition Rickshaw:


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