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Gloopy is a fictional company that creates all of the product featured by The Aquabats over the years. Commercials for their products have appeared at concerts, on the internet, and were featured heavily on The Aquabats Super Show.

The company is an apparent homage to ACME, as they create products of seemingly every use, create products that are whimsical and fulfill non traditional purposes, and put their name on every product they make.


insert a brief history of how Gloopy came to be. Maybe use older members to research how it came to be

List of productsEdit

From concertsEdit

  • The Aquabats Pudding Dispenser Belt
  • Rub-o-rama
  • Skulltron and Giant Robot Birdhead action figures

===From [[The Aquabats Super Show|The

From Misc.Edit


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