Island Paradise
Title Island Paradise
Album Rice Capades
Length 2:32
Island Paradise was the fist track of thw Rice Capades compilation.

It is credited to the band Tiki Tonga.


Welcome friend to my island paradise
I tell you a story a sweet story
About the girl who ran away
I am beauty in the sand
Playing golf with your left hand
Bikini in the sky
Watching the waves roll on by
Tropical maiden of love
Wearing my new golf club

I thought I died that day
When you took your love away
Oh yes

We were so in love
That day on the island buuca mooka llokabakkalookmooka
you golf your way into my heart
You out your golf bag into my golf cart
Purple purple purple flower
Golden rainbow of sunshine sour

I thought ?????????
When you got five under par
Oh yes

Please girl, come back to be me
I don't like to chase the monkey to the tree
Baby please come back to me
There are no fishees in the sea
You are my hole in one
My shimmering seacup in the sun

I thought I died that day
When you took your love away
Oh yes

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