On February 23, 1998 in Lawrence, Kansas, the Aquabats played a show that was caught on video tape. It was uploaded onto the internet as one large file. With permission from Nate, the Aquabat's manager, Biff! split the file into 11 songs and uploaded it to youtube. You can watch the show in it's entirety from this playlist: The Aquabats! Live in Kansas 1998. Highlights from this show include The Sandfleas and a suicidal Magic Chicken.


  1. Super Rad!
  2. Story of Nothing!
  3. The Cat with 2 Heads!
  4. My Skateboard!
  5. Fight Song!
  6. Captain Hampton!
  7. Playdough!
  8. Magic Chicken!
  9. Red Sweater!
  10. Martian Girl!
  11. It's Crazy, Man!

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