Mighty 1
The "Mighty" shirt was designed by Parker Jacobs, made by American Apparel and released in late 2007. It came in brown or heather blue.

The design features the "mighty Crash McLarson standing triumphantly over villains Space Monster 'M' and a Sandflea. On his shoulders he carries the entire band, drum kit and all. A tranquil Bones sits and plays on Crash's right bicep. Jimmy the Robot takes the other arm wearing robot goggles. Directly above Crash, goofy-faced Ricky sits behind his drum set bearing the Bat logo. The toothy-smiled caped Commander raises his microphone in glory at the top of the pyramid.

As of 2009, the shirt is still sold by the band.

Available Online While Supplies LastEdit

Heather Blue
Heather Brown

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