Name Nacho
Real Name Chad Parkin
Instruments played: Keyboards
Years active 1994-1997
Albums played on The Return of the Aquabats


Nacho played keyboards and was a founding member of the Aquabats in 1994. He was known for his goofiness and occasionally flipping pancakes for the audience on a griddle next to his keyboard. He left the band in 1997 just prior to the recording of The Fury of The Aquabats. Legend tells us that Nacho went to Europe to form his own band, Nine Inch Nachos. Nacho is an idol to many and continues to inspire children and adults alike.


The Return of the Aquabats!: Nacho


Master of the Nacho Cheese Ray Gun.

Chad ParkinEdit

Chad is said to be living somewhere in Southern California and rumor has it, he is still very proud of his days as an Aquabat.





  • Nacho as he appears in Return of The Aquabats
  • Nacho playing the Keyboard!Go to Also, he has three hands.

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