The Rashguard is the main staple of The Aquabats Uniform, and has changed many times throughout the years. The rashguards are made by Aleeda. While the rashguards they have worn go into the dozens, for this page, right now, we'll cover the album Rashguards only.

The Return of the AquabatsEdit

The first album cover rashguard was different from what we've all gotten used to. This rahguard was a green hooded shortsleeve with no logo.

It wasn't until 2008 that they sold these rashguards in a run of only 200.

The Fury of the Aquabats!Edit

Fury rashy

The Fury rashguard was a black rashguard with a white star A logo.

There have been many variations of the black rashguard sold throughout the years with different logo designs.

The Aquabats! vs. The Floating Eye of Death!Edit

FEOD rashy

This rashguard was the first time we saw personalized logos for each band member. The rashguard was a shiny gold with with black stripes on the sides and personalized octagonal logos.

This rahguard was never sold to the public.


Charge Rashy
Charge rashy cert of auth

The rashgaurd that would stick. Charge brought us the aqua blue rashy that the band has become known by. The rashgaurd is blue with a circle A logo.

When they first sold this rashguard to the public it was sold in a limited quantity of 200 with a certificate of authentation. These versions also had 4 different logo options which were picked at random.
Since the release of Super Show these rashys have been constantly sold in only one variety, the classic circle A.

Hi-Five SoupEdit

H5S Rashy

Departing from the aqua blue of the Charge rashy H5S gave us purple rahguards. Identical in every way execpt for color, this rahguard was worn until Super Show got picked up, then they were retired from live shows. Stealth Mode (their blue shirts turn purple) which will give them super cautious and surreptitious action or movement.

This rahguard is still sold.