The Aquabats Limited Edition 7 Inches
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The Aquabats originally planned to release 9 Limited Edition 7 Inches, but, Goldenvoice Records had to discontinue pressing these due to financial losses in their promotion company ( I.E. the highly acclaimed Coachella Festival). Each disk has the face of the named Aquabat on side A, and a comic-style cartoon depicting the Aquabat and some type of villain on side B.

Ultra Kyu vs. The Sandfleas 7" Edit

Contains previously unreleased track "Mr. Bonkers", un operachi romantico in three acts based on the life and times of The Aquabats beloved pet scorpion.

A: "Story of Nothing!"
B: "Mr. Bonkers!"

Chainsaw vs. Powdered Milk Man 7" Edit

A: "Powdered Milk Man!"
B: "Radiation Song!"

Catboy vs. The Cat With 2 Heads 7" Edit


The Aquabats believe everyone should own at least three of these.

A: "Cat with 2 Heads!"
B: "Tiny Pants!"

Dr. Rock vs. Clowny Clown Clown 7" Edit

A: "Magic Chicken!" (Original version of Magic Chicken. Original verses and more commentary from THE Colonel Sanders, himself.)
B: "Why Rock?!"


  • Crash McLarson vs. The Cyclops
  • Jaime The Robot
  • Prince Adam
  • The Professor
  • The Commander w/ The Cadets 7"

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