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The Baron von Tito was a mysterious and elusive Aquabat. He joined the ranks of The Aquabats in 1996 after the departure of Roddy B. after impressing The MCBC with his tight and sharp drumming skills. No mere "stint" or "fill-in", The Baron Von Tito was a core member of The Aquabats for two and a half years. Always practicing, The Baron Von Tito was understood by all to be a mercenary of sorts, who would drum until the day he died.


The Fury Of The Aquabats Edit

Tractor Beam Stare, Mach 10 Dexterity

Travis BarkerEdit

Travis Barker born November 14, 1975 is most notably known as the drummer for the pop punk band Blink-182 got his main start drumming for the Aquabats Barker joined after graduating from highschool in 1993 and was nicknamed the thrilling and epic name The Baron Von Tito Prior to joining The Aquabats, Travis Landon Barker of Fontana California played in a punk band, Feeble and before that he played briefly with a band that later would become Korn. He left The Aquabats in the middle of the 1998 Sno-Core tour, to join Blink 182 after their previous drummer Scott Raynor left and after impressing the band by learning their whole set in a short amount of time and performing with them. He has since reached super stardom and has gone on to play with many other bands such as The Transplants, Box Car Racer, (+44), Expensive Taste, and plenty of others. As well as being a star on his own reality tv show, Meet the Barkers. He has recently been making internet videos of his drumming and released a solo album.

Recently, Travis Barker and the Bats reunited in a sense, with the Aquabats opening for blink-182 for the last two dates of their 2009 reunion tour. He also performed a drum solo at the November 26th 2011 date of the Yo Gabba Gabba! Live 2011 tour in Los Angeles.

Barker Reflects on the BatsEdit

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Due to Travis Barker's fame, the fact that he once played for the Aquabats never fails to draw interests. Often, the Aquabats are known only as "That band Travis Barker played in." In a 2003 interview with Barker, he is asked to share his thoughts on the Aquabats:

"Bobby: You used to be the drummer for The Aquabats. They are very different from Blink182. Do you have many fond memories from that crazy "super hero" band?
Travis: Ya man. To me, that was my first. I mean, I was sleeping on my friend's couch, playing in his band and I was a trash man. And I was just going to fill in for The Aquabats for a couple days and I ended up joining the band. And that was the first band I ever got to tour with really. That was the first band I ever got to make real records with. It was cool man, like it was so different. It was so cool, I learnt so much. If I wasn't in Aquabats, I couldn't be in Blink182 right now. I would've never hooked up with Mark and Tom and I would've never like filled in for them. I love The Aquabats. I love... Everything that I've done is where I came from, so I love it.
Bobby: Do you still listen to them?
Travis: I haven't heard any of the new records. I think I heard the record after I left. But unfortunately, when I left, Christen, the singer was really bummed. Like hella bummed, and he was upset with me because I was leaving. But I never had hard feelings for those guys. I'd always wish them the best and everything. I would do anything for those guys to this day.You know what I mean?" [1]
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