The Aquabats recorded this theme song for a TV pilot called "The Eltingville Club", meant to broadcast on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim in 2002. The creator of the pilot, Evan Dorkin, chose the bats to sing the theme because he was a long time fan of The Aquabats.

"The Eltingville Club"00:35

"The Eltingville Club"

Theme Song LyricsEdit

Welcome to Eltingville

We are the Comics and

Science fiction, Horror, fantasy and role-play club

Lady Protectors

Super Collectors!

The Eltingville Club

The Eltingville Club

Welcome to Eltingville

We'll spend mom's money

On Major Violence, Boogie Skull, and Ultra Mummy.

There's nothing wrong with us

There's nothing wrong with us!

The Eltingville Club

The Eltingville Club

Toys, cars, games, models!

Toys, cars, games, movies!

Toys, cars, games, monsters!

The Eltingville Club

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