The Good Life!
Title The Good Life!
Album n/a
Length 1:00
Vocals MC Bat Commander
Instruments Eaglebones - Electric Guitar

The Good Life! is a song featured in the fourth episode of The Aquabats! Super Show! While the band waits for their uniforms to return from dry-cleaning, they spend a doughnut coupon given to them by a strange woman at the laundromat and purchase TWO HUNDRED donuts from another strange woman next door. They eat to their heart's content and enjoy the good life, until the good life seems a bit too much too stomach...


We've had a hard day, I think we've earned a good time
(Good times, good times, good times, whooo!)
Grab a fistful of doughnuts, come on guys, let's go nuts!!
(I think we need a handful, too!)
In our designer robes, pass me a jelly roll
(Give me more, give me more, give me more, give me more!)
Another helping would be a nice thing
(Give me more, give me more, give me just a little more!)
We're savoring the flavor of the good life
Come along and have a slice of the good life
Of the good life!
(Think we need a little more, think we need a little more)
Let's take a chance and do just what we wanna
(Do just what we wanna!)
Take another swing at the doughnut-filled pinata
(Doughnut-filled pinata!)
We're savoring the flavor of the good life
Come along and have a slice of the good life
Of the good life...
Oh boy... oh boy!
Whoa boy!


  • 4

    Ricky stares down his frosted adversary.

    Ricky swore off eating sweets a long time ago, "in the name of Fitness!"
  • Ricky, despite not eating any (many?) doughnuts, still has a huge stomach and is sluggish just like the others.
  • Jimmy the Robot, despite being a robot, seems perfectly able to consume organic foodstuffs and sweets. This can also be seen briefly in several other episodes.

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