Narrator: Previously on The Aquabats! Super Show!


[theme song]

Narrator: Somewhere at a backyard birthday party...

Commander: We've come to your party, we're playing nonstop, we're playing loud music unti your ears pop, we come to your party to deliver your rock, we keep on playing even if you say stop! We don't stop, we never end, we don't stop, we just began, we don't stop, we never end, we don't stop, we just began! Don't stop, yeah! Don't stop, oh! Don't stop, yeah! [tiredly] Don't stop, never ending. Don't stop, we're just beginning. Don't stop, never ending.

Ricky: [yawns while playing drums]

Commander: I give you guys guitar, EagleBones Falconhawk.

Bones: [playing guitar]

[loud boom]

Commander: That looks like it's coming from the Burrito Brothers Burger Hut!

Jimmy: You're right, Commander. The Burrito Brothers Burger Hut is under attack.

Commander: Kids, we've had a great time at this birthday party, thank you for having us, but we've gotta go.

'Birthday Girl': Wait wait wait wait. You're leaving already? What about my party?

Commander: Oh yeah. Uh, Jimmy.

Jimmy: [brings out cake and lights it]

Commander: Happy birthday from the Aquabats! Aquabats, to the BattleTram.

[sounds of seatbelts and controls clicking]

Commander: Let's go save the Burrito Brothers Burger Hut, and get some breakfast. I'm starving.

Commander: We're too late!

Firefighter #1: The Aquabats! Where were you guys? The Burrito Brothers Burger Hut, it's... gone! It's gone!

Firefighter #2: We found this.

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