Trusty Dusty
You know I hate fish.
Name Trusty Dusty
Gender male
Species human
Introduced In Laundry Day!
Played by Art Mitchell
Trusty Dusty is a dry-cleaner, and ally of The Aquabats. He always cleans their uniforms, but was tied up and gagged by Dr. Eva Mudlark so that she could use his Dry Cleaning business to attack The Aquabats. He was introduced in the episode Laundry Day!


In Laundry Day! he is dressed in a red Hawaiian print shirt and shorts combo. He wears a hat, is relatively tall, and has a mustache.


Trusty Dusty has been The Bats' dry cleaner for a while, so he must have some very good cleaning abilities.

Beyond that, he appears to be a regular human, with no super abilities.


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he and Zalga are good mates, when Ronmark was mutated, and attacked Zalga, he hit him in the head with a baseball bat,

he has been bitter enemies with DR eva mudlark since she tied up and gagged him, when she was accidentally mutated, he laughed and called her a freak


In the episode Night of the Cactus! , while Ronmark and Zalga are in the car watching the sunrise, the radio says the next song is by Trusty Dusty, and proceeds to play the song from the credits "Don't Break My Heart ", which is performed by Jimmy.


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